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Trail & Skate – aftermath

Sylvia, who was running, twisted her ankle when her foot sank in the snow. Not too bad, apparently.

One learns better after having made errors.

Since plenty of competitors wore wigs and makeup, they thought is an easy fun race. But they found it was very hard – running and skiing.

They should have tried running in the snow in the daylight before trying at night.

They should have tried running at night before trying running at night in the snow.

They didn’t have the right equipment : they had vintage head lamps when most competitors had state-of-the-art lights.

Sylvia : « I won’t try that again ! ». I’ve tried to convince her that doing the right things she could without problems.


The Mistress of Frimousse runs or does cross-country skiing now whenever she has a few hours free. Running is not a time-consuming activity, whereas cross-country skiing takes almost half a day. The good news is her knee and ankle problems seem to be under control. And she is doing cross-country skiing this afternoon with a colleague of hers.

On Tuesday Elouan took his high school diploma. At Les Saisies! The cross-country skiing race. And it was serious: an oral in the afternoon after the morning race. To recover (!), yesterday Wednesday downhill skiing at the Clusaz, with the high school. Nice weather and good snow.

As for me, my usual little route, with a little bit of snow yesterday morning. This morning I jogged by the Lake. Since I had to run errands, I made the fuel profitable.


Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs. Frimousse’s Mistress and Fabien ran 20km to Annecy and back in about two hours. The first time Frimousse’s Mistress has run this distance since the Lausanne half-marathon nearly 6 years ago – and the start of her tendinitis problems ! She is very pleased indeed. In the meantime I walked my usual 4,5km, in the rain.

This afternoon it was hot ! I decided to walk in the mountain up to the altitude of 1050m – starting from 650m. And I jogged on the way down.