Monthly Archives: September 2020

Walk, ride, run

Yesterday, the Mistress of Frimousse ran almost 11 km near the Lake, Elouan 17 km on his bike between the place where he lives with his two companions and the Col du Chat, the mountain that you can see from Aix-les-Bains on the other side of the Lac du Bourget. I walked a little more than 9 km and, today almost 12.

When I walk…

When I walk near Duingt, as i do nearly everyday, I can see a big ginger cat – very beautiful ! I’d like to take a photo but he is too fast and I am too slow… Visitors are not many these days and it is quite peaceful near the Lake. I meet more or less the same people on my 11,4 km ( 7M ) course. They walk or walk their dogs, or their babies. They seem to have understook masks are useless to protect others. They just have to keep distances when they talk. The wind chases occasionnal viruses and prevent their concentration. 1600 km (1000 M) from the beginning of this year.