Monthly Archives: November 2020

29th Nov.

Since this morning we have the right, without risking a fine of 135€, to walk three hours in a radius of twenty kilometers around us. This is more than enough to walk, run or cycle. It doesn’t change anything for the Mistress of Frimousse because if she was going to walk by the Lake she would have to… get in the car, make do with the speed bumps – her ribs love that ! – and get out of the car. So, this morning, same route as before! I had decided to walk with her and then go for a few miles near the Lake but cracks in my right knee and boredom discouraged me. Of course the ex-covid Elouan and Christophe are letting go!


Exactly three weeks ago, Frimousse’s Mistress had her bicycle accident. She was told 3 or 4 difficult weeks… She still can’t sleep in a bed – she sleeps in an armchair. Imagine how comfortable it is! Christophe télé works. He is back to sport but, fortunately, slowly – running, walking, mountain biking in the countryside around their place, near Rumilly. Softly too for Elouan – same sports plus cycling on his home trainer. I was afraid yesterday because he was invited to university to play… rugby! Luckily the teachers were sensible enough to change it into cross-fitness. Covid seems over for both of them.

October is over

On Wednesday 21 October, the Mistress of Frimousse, surprised by a car going up the road, fell off her bicycle in a steep descent. She spent the rest of the day and the following night in the Emergency Department. Three broken ribs. And since then she has spent her nights in an armchair because it is impossible for her to lie down in bed… Ten days ago, my son, who loves chocolate, could feel no difference between white and dark chocolate and he could have drunk a glass of lemon juice as if it were water. The doctor : Covid! Getting tested is a problem here, even with a prescription. As for the result, we have to wait a lot. He was positive. Now he’s getting better and maybe going back to work on Tuesday. Elouan, who studies sport at the University has been tested positive. He hasn’t recovered taste yet. His younger brother is negative and he is at school today. Their mother was tested negative but as a school headmistress she was not sure to be allowed to be in her class this morning.

You see that everything is going well or almost. Could be worse, couldn’t it ? I resumed my walks near here. Obviously it goes up and down, contrary to the shore of the Lake, but the « young » Gentleman who knows everything about everything decided for me, and for my good, in his Parisian office…