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Despite the «negative encouragement» of French politicians, I managed to walk/jog almost 700 km (430M) in 4 months, that’s 5.5 km/day (3,4M). My knees still hold – but for how long? My health? It’s okay. I am waiting for a relaxation of the current rules (once an hour a day, within a radius of less than 1 km) not so much for me, because my routes allow me to do half a dozen kilometers twice a day with two «documents», one in each pocket, but for the millions prisoners in their blocks of flats.

In spite of the rain – a real downpour since this morning – I went out to walk/jog above our house. I returned after 6.5 km (4M), soaked. But it was very pleasant.

I am not listening…

This morning we walked/run to the end of the forest road, where I was going before it was banned. A nice drizzle accompanied us. It was neither hot nor cold. Of course we didn’t meet anyone on the 7 km of the course. No one but our postman in his yellow van. He had a muzzle. Who did he bite? I’m not listening to the Prime Minister. Frimousse’s Mistress will give me a summary – short, I hope.

In a few days…

In a few days, on May 11, stores will reopen, employees will work again in their offices or their workshops, children will go to their schools… What about walkers, cyclists, runners, freedom to go where they want when they want? Having seen the government’s meandering attitude, let me wait and see. This morning our little tour, within the radius of one kilometer, (almost) within the limit of one hour. A summer morning, as every morning for many days.


Gardening is harder than running a half marathon! The Mistress of Frimousse has removed the weeds and since yesterday she has a kind of lonbalgia. It is impossible for her to find a position that will allow her not to suffer – neither in bed, nor sitting, nor standing. This morning we did the usual walk of just over 5 km. Walking went more or less, and a little better by doing jogging.

I digged the garden and my knees «appreciated», but I cannot complain, when I think of those locked up on the fifth floor with four children!

Since it’s forbidden to…

Less than 100 meters from our house starts a path that leads into a forest. A few hundred meters higher, a fork. On the right, to the village centre. On the left, towards a forest of the Master of Rouxy. I take to the left. Pleasant ascent in gentle slope under the beeches and the spruces. Until I reach the forest, whose entrance is blocked by a tree broken down by the storm. It is necessary to pass under it and climb about a hundred meters, on a very steep slope, without clearly marked path, by crossing over cut branches, trunks of trees, or by sneaking under. I reach a nice gently sloping trail that joins a few moments later a track that becomes a road that brings me back to our house. 4 kilometres in total. One question: Have I been “mountaineering”? Because “mountaineering” is forbidden – beyond the question of being within 1 km of home and for a maximum duration of one hour. A radius of 1 km, Geoportail, on the Internet, has an option that allows to say it. As far as one hour is concerned, a watch is made to tell this! But “mountain” or “not mountain”? It seems that it is up to the gendarmes to decide and therefore to issue tickets or not – why are you laughing? This morning, on this course, neighbours told us they heard… drones, watching potential walkers or joggers…

But since it’s forbidden to prohibit, then I got my motivation back. I don’t talk to anyone except at least ten metres away. I will have a mask, when masks are available – for the time being I wear a Buff. 65 km (40 M) this week, 569 km (355 M) since January 1st. And they want containment for the aged until 2022? They might as well put us in «old aged homes» right away! Thanks to the Virus, there will be room in those places!

About Virus, Frimousse’s Mistress coughs a lot and is very breathless. Our doctor says it may be a weak form of the disease. But… I should be sick! And I am, for the moment, in great shape.


My son aka Elouan’s father is very angry. He’s texted me this:

Running forbidden in Paris and in three departments fuck. The Prefect of Paris says that people can take a breather, take the children out but they don’t have the right to run, Very smart for social distancing. It is clearly an “anti-runners” measure. Fuck them. Macron was out with a lot of people around and nobody was fined while the rules of distancing were clearly violated. But a single runner is dangerous. Assholes. All of them.

Is it safe to run outside?

In fact, it’s safer to be outside than inside when it comes to disease transmission. When people congregate together and someone sneezes or coughs, droplets get onto objects that people touch, and then people touch their face, Nieman explains. The best plan for running right now is to go out for a solo run and enjoy the outdoors.

Getting in 30 to 60 minutes of moderate to brisk activity can help your immune system keep viruses at bay. Be sure you know what’s going on in your area and if there are any restrictions or mandatory self-quarantines. And, if you’re sick or at-risk of spreading the virus, you shouldn’t go out.

During a quarantine, Nieman suggests doing some exercise while staying where you are quarantined to keep healthy—doing bodyweight exercises or running on an at-home treadmill are great ways to do this. Unless you’re sick.

“If you do have flu or coronavirus, or have fever, sick people think wrongly they can ‘exercise the virus out of the system’ or ‘sweat it out,’ that’s a myth. It’s actually the opposite,” Neiman says.


I have studied the matter carefully and I have found a solution to avoid dying at home. I made myself a route within a 1 km radius that requires between an hour and an hour and a half. Then I leave with a self declaration (on honour!) in the left pocket, indicating the actual time of my departure, and another, well at the bottom of the right pocket, indicating 45 minutes later. So I am in good standing. I should be ashamed? There are others who should be ashamed: the so-called experts of all kinds. They’ve banned open-air markets and they push people to get supplies in indoor stores!

Watch why I write this.


As we have very good weather the Mistress of Frimousse went to run – within a radius of 1 km from our place. This is necessary because she is having difficulties breathing. Stress due to the current situation? But it’s not possible to have proper medical examinations right now, medical staff have bigger fish to fry… My son runs at night, with a headlamp, in Nature near his home. He observes 1 hour time limit. And he also uses the exercise bike and the elliptical. As for my grandson, he invents things like the «Eiffel Tower» challenge. It means running 324 meters (1000 ft) up, and down, the stairs of the house the number of times necessary! They live in a house, not a building!