Monthly Archives: May 2020


No, he didn’t have an accident. He had his first surgery yesterday to stop his chronic tendinitis. After a first rehabilitation, a second operation is planned at the other ankle, then a second rehabilitation. No sport before the end of August…. Many kilometers and passes with his friends the previous days, on their bikes, you can imagine! The Mistress of Frimousse is better. It seems to be a problem of gastric reflux. No fat, no alcohol, no chocolate… You have to choose! For my part, sciatica, knee pain, back pain, but I persist in walking at least 5 km a day, with climbing and descent, so as not to be forced to take the car to go to the shore of the Lake – but I may go tomorrow to try to jog a little.

Sunday May 17th

Yesterday the Mistress of Frimousse ran almost 9 km (5.6M) in an hour, without having the impression of suffocating. It seems that the treatment is starting to take effect. So this morning she went for a bike ride with her favorite physical therapist. And it went well. While she was cycling I decided to go for a walk in the mountains. Almost 600 m + (2000 ft +). I was very afraid of the descent but thanks to my HOKA speedgoat 5 and my super sticks everything went well. Tomorrow? Tomorrow is another day.


With the end of the drastic restrictions, the athletes have re-attacked. Elouan can’t run much right now. He needs surgery with both feet – planing a small bone that ignites his tendons. Operation scheduled for late May and no sport until the end of August… He cycles with his friends. Yesterday Semnoz. A nice fall for Tristan, no? It seems that we finally know the origin of the shortness of breath of the Mistress of Frimousse.

In addition to medication, no alcohol, no chocolate, no coffee nor tea, no fat… for a month to begin with. After two days there seems to be an improvement. She ran 7 km this morning at a slow pace, without having to walk. After a day without sports, I had a very sore back this morning. But the back pain quickly faded, replaced by a «good» pain in both knees. Fortunately, I had chosen to keep it short. Maybe I’ll try again later today.

What will change?

What will change for me? I won’t have to fill up those damn documents and no longer have to walk or jog here, less than a kilometre from home. I will be able to try to run on the flat again near the Lake. Otherwise, in terms of kilometers, 5.6 km (3.5M)/day since January 1st. And my knee is holding up for now, despite the steep descents. To boost my motivation I’ve bought modern poles and new trail running shoes. ‘Cause I’m gonna try to do some mountain trails above our place.


today, 3.30 pm

Well, if we wait for the good weather! So, this morning, we left around 10 o’clock, at a time when the rain was not too heavy. Same route as yesterday, for me, 6.3 km, and 7.3 km for the Mistress of Frimousse – to make me remember that I am old.