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If Agnès Buzin were my doctor and told me that my medical condition does not allow me to practise sports safely during the heat wave, I would consider that it is for my own good. But when the Minister of Health, which she is, says that those who practise sports at the moment are irresponsible, it makes me angry. What does she do – and what does the government to which she belongs – to reduce pollution, to limit warming? Words!

Tomorrow the Grand Master of Plume takes part in the Nice Ironman.

MY bike

My bike, at La Chambotte, above Lac du Bourget, on Sunday morning.

As I can no longer ride a bike my son has it now. Between his mountain bike, his road bike and mine, he has a choice! It selects according to the planned route. My bike has a gear ratio adapted to steep gradients. It is better at Chambotte than hanging in our basement, isn’t it?

Boiling knees

It was already hot this morning when I went for my now usually run. I try not to worry about the time it takes. Improvement cannot be measured from day to day, but rather from week to week or even month to month. Running is a lot less of a problem for me than mowing the lawn—which I did yesterday and it made my knees boil.


This year, AlpsMan was on June 8th and 9th (see site)

One year ago exactly yesterday, P, aka Frimousse’s Mistress, had an accident on her bike on the cycle path by the Lake. Very gradually – with ups and downs – she started to run and cycle again with F, the physiotherapist-osteopath who is charge of her, and her friend Stef. And for a few days – probably the competators of the AlpsMan were a strong incentive – they decided to try for a triathlon. Not the AlpsMan to begin with, of course !

Yesterday, first time in the water. Water temperature 17°C (60°F)…

Saturday June 15th

This morning a had my (now) usual jog – 4,5km (just under 3 miles) D+ 140m (460ft). One third is on a steep rocky path and the rest on a descending untarred lane and then on a small road. My son, « C », ran is first marathon when he was just over 15 – when I ran mine. It was in Switzerland because they don’t bother checking the ages of competitors. He’s been running ever since – except when E and K were young. And now E and K do run ! K was second (on the podium!) for his two first races. E was first twice but he twisted his ankles and he’s been advised to cycle for some weeks. E’s goal ? UTMB ! And his models Kilian Jornet and François D’Heane.


The photo? Half an hour away from our house. Not in November! In June! Last week!

I had an operation on my right knee nearly 15 years ago. The surgeon said I wasn’t to start running again.

I don’t like walking for the sake of walking. And I find walking very unpleasant in the rain or cold. Therefore my physical activity was really minimal during all these years.

Late in the autumn I decided to try and walk everyday, on a small distance, near our house. Trying to walk briskly. And a fortnight ago I started a gentle jog. My aim ? Running 6km (3,75M) in one hour… And today it seems at hand.

Some will find it surprising but when I walk I think of my knees, of my feet. When running, I don’t ! I just enjoy the Nature that surrounds me.