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We must punish the joggers, the hikers, the cyclists, who brought the virus from their escapes. But above all not those who, for their pleasure or for their business, travel all over of the world. People will tell me that now that the damage is done, the only measure needed to be implemented to slow down the spread of the virus is strict confinement. But then why not close EVERYTHING, with distribution of rations by military protected by masks and suits? The customers in the supermarkets touch the packages, the fresh products, the vegetables, there is no way to prevent it, not to mention the danger that most of the cashiers run.

They’ll think I’m a selfish person who wants to keep wandering around while millions are locked up in their flats. But usually for me, no Seychelles, Balearics, Marrakech or other heavenly destinations: the far end of my garden and a few kilometers away from here – virus-full area.

I will end by writing about myself a few lines. When I go out to walk or jog, since I have resumed exercising a little more than a year ago, this always requires me a big effort, and moral is my engine. Well done! Anti-sport « experts » have won. They managed to destroy me. Because my health, they don’t care.

Paradoxical injunction

On the one hand, the managers and employees of the tertiary sector, who can telework from their secondary residence, while the children play in the garden, on the other, the invisible whose work is often poorly paid, qualifications not always recognized (especially in many highly feminized occupations), and which have the duty, and sometimes no other choice, than to continue working. Where this is frankly scandalous and should be repressed, rather than unnecessarily controlling certain walkers in sparsely populated areas, is when subcontractors are threatened with losing their contracts by a major contractor, solely because the contractor is anxious to maintain its supplies for the next recovery.

After Philippe Frémeaux, economist

Springtime teleworking

The Mistress of Frimousse does telework. Yesterday it took quite a bit of tinkering with the computer to make it possible. We were still able to take a walk on the paths and roads above the house – three metres apart so we wouldn’t be thought to be together… Idem this morning. Never seen so many people on these paths, in the middle of the morning! And at the same time what silence! Almost no planes, you could hear the insects that were foraging the buds, opening up, at the top of the trees. We are so lucky to live here! I can’t help thinking of the tens of millions of people locked in their apartments in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium…

Of course no way to go walking by the Lake so here it is climbing, and descending. My knees appreciate!

This Friday morning…

This Friday morning, a 4.4-mile-jog/walk as yesterday morning. near the Lake. Old people must stay at home, the President said. I didn’t disobey because I didn’t meet anyone. Almost no one, except for an old lady like me who, this morning, was doing the same course, Nordic walking.


Springtime, this Sunday, or almost. Chilly this morning but hot sunshine this afternoon. Quite a change with Thursday! That day, a real flood!

This morning I had a walk with… the Mistress of Frimousse. Rare moment because I am too slow for her. But, tired, she must rest. So… Meanwhile, Elouan was taking part in the Savoyarde – cross-country ski race at the Féclaz. He finished 7th of the 10 km and is very happy. Yesterday Steph did the biathlon. She finished 4th.

It’s almost time for cycling with this sunshine !


Cogne, Val d’Aosta

Last week we were in Aosta Valley. While the Mistress of Frimousse and Kerrian were cross-country skiing, I walked quite a bit. And I decided to continue, at my current 4.75 km (3M) per day. As long as it is possible…

1st of March