Trail & Skate Glières

Yesterday evening, Frimousse’s Mistress took part in Trail & Skate – a relay with a skier and a runner: (She was the skier and her nephew was the runner)

– Trail running on snow 3 loops x 2.7km 1.7M

– Cross-country skiing (skating) 3 loops x 3km 1.9M

In duo only

They started at 7pm.


The Mistress of Frimousse runs or does cross-country skiing now whenever she has a few hours free. Running is not a time-consuming activity, whereas cross-country skiing takes almost half a day. The good news is her knee and ankle problems seem to be under control. And she is doing cross-country skiing this afternoon with a colleague of hers.

On Tuesday Elouan took his high school diploma. At Les Saisies! The cross-country skiing race. And it was serious: an oral in the afternoon after the morning race. To recover (!), yesterday Wednesday downhill skiing at the Clusaz, with the high school. Nice weather and good snow.

As for me, my usual little route, with a little bit of snow yesterday morning. This morning I jogged by the Lake. Since I had to run errands, I made the fuel profitable.


Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs. Frimousse’s Mistress and Fabien ran 20km to Annecy and back in about two hours. The first time Frimousse’s Mistress has run this distance since the Lausanne half-marathon nearly 6 years ago – and the start of her tendinitis problems ! She is very pleased indeed. In the meantime I walked my usual 4,5km, in the rain.

This afternoon it was hot ! I decided to walk in the mountain up to the altitude of 1050m – starting from 650m. And I jogged on the way down.

Biathlon on top of Semnoz

Yesterday, the Mistress of Frimousse participated in her first biathlon at the top of the Semnoz. A team race for three – with Steph and her husband. It was very cold with a strong icy wind. Cross-country skiing (2x5km) [2×3.2M] went well but rifle shooting was not that good…

Elouan also participated but there were only two, the third, sick, who could not come.

One year ends, another begins

One year ends, another begins. It is only a convention, there are no boundaries between years, nor between months. The year that ends has had its lot of good and bad things. We hope that the year that comes brings more good than bad.

Today Christophe, who injured his thigh while running on Christmas morning, has cycled round the Lake of the Bourget via Rumilly, Val du Fier, Chautagne, Chanaz, Jongieux, the gallery under the Chat, Aix-les-Bains. 91 km. It was not very hot– see photo!

Happy New Year to all visitors, sporty and less sporty.

A lot of water these days!

A lot of water these days! It’s dripping everywhere! The rain doesn’t really bother me but this morning I had, on the advice of the Mistress of Frimousse (1), to postpone my walk to this afternoon because of the wind – gusts up to 50 MPH according to Météo-France.

My “prosthetic” knee has troubled me for a few days. So I’ve started walking again rather than jogging. Frimousse’s Mistress still has her Achilles ankle/foot/tendon problems – it’s all connected. She goes on running though. Fabien her osteopath-physiotherapist who she runs with says that as long as she’s not suffering while running it’s not a problem – our doctor has the same opinion. For Fabien when you run you always feel pain somewhere, if you don’t want to feel pain you just have to sit in an armchair in front of the TV. I agree with him.

(1) Today, she’s baking Christmas biscuits…