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Just another weekend

So on Saturday, while I was running, Steph overtook me. She ran 11 km in about an hour. Meanwhile, the Mistress of Frimousse and Fabien climbed the Marais pass over Faverges, descended on Thônes and then returned to Saint-Jorioz via the Bluffy pass. In the evening we had Elouan, Kerrian and their parents for a raclette. And of course Elouan and Christophe didn’t come in the car but cycled. And they didn’t take the shortest and easiest route!

Yesterday morning Frimousse’s Mistress and Fabien had a fartlek session. This morning I have had my (usual) 4km jog.

Special treat

Special treat for a special day. A 11K (7M)-jog this morning, Half of it on the bank of the Lake, If I said that my knees are all right I would be telling stories. But I managed to do that. Very very happy. 10 min before finishing I was overtaken by Steph.

The Lake

Yesterday at the end of the afternoon, jogging by the Lake, near the reeds. The Mistress of Frimousse ran 9 km from the same place but returning by the bike path.

This morning I’ve run 6K (3.7M ) on the road, in the fog.


During Sunday’s orientation race, Arthur and Elouan, who were racing in team of two, came near disaster. Arthur injured himself in col de la Cochette. But he’s tough! They managed to finish on the podium. Elouan has still a sore ankle when he runs. But he realized that with thin socks the pain is nearly away. A solution, maybe! This morning I went jogging starting from home. I decided to avoid going up the path for a while. Going up and down the road seems more comfortable for my knees.



I’m waiting for the return of the Mistress of Frimousse who left this morning, with Fabien, for a bike ride of about 80 km in the Bauges. I am also waiting for news from Elouan who texted me “Race day”, in English. Does it mean “race day” (competition) on foot or by bike? Or does it mean “Running day”? He’ll tell me tonight! (1)

For my part, I had a small jog of 5.5 km starting from our house

Right now the Mistress of Frimousse texts me they have almost returned to their starting point.

(1) Orienteering competition Orient’aix

A Sports Sunday

In the morning the Mistress of Frimousse cycled to Col de Tamié with Fabien. In the afternoon Stéph, Sylvia and Nina took part in COLOR’ANNECY while Christophe climbed Col de la Biche, Grand Colombier and came back via Chambotte. After a day of school work Elouan cycled 30 km around his home to change his mind.

Coach, teacher, instructor, trainer…

I was introduced to running by a friend who was a high school sports teacher. I was also able to benefit from the advice of another friend who is a qualified track and field coach. But it must be recognized that running – I mean running out of stadium – does not require learning special gestures, just putting one foot in front of the other and doing it again! This is certainly not possible with tennis, fencing, yoga, and all sports obviously requiring a partner/an opponent. When you run, you are alone with yourself, free to choose your speed, your course, your time. There is no need for permanent advices and advisers!


Yesterday afternoon I jogged 4,850K (3M) near the Lake. In the meantime Frimousse’s Mistress was running 11K (7M) along the side of the Lake – on the cycle path on the way back. And Elouan was cycling 30K (18M) D+450m (1500ft) near his place.

A Saturday for…

A Saturday for sport… For me my little 4.5K D+200m tour. For Elouan and Maxime Col du Clergeon between Rumilly and the Rhône. For the Mistress of Frimousse and three friends(s) of hers just over 50K D+1000m by bike in the Bauges.