With the end of the drastic restrictions, the athletes have re-attacked. Elouan can’t run much right now. He needs surgery with both feet – planing a small bone that ignites his tendons. Operation scheduled for late May and no sport until the end of August… He cycles with his friends. Yesterday Semnoz. A nice fall for Tristan, no? It seems that we finally know the origin of the shortness of breath of the Mistress of Frimousse.

In addition to medication, no alcohol, no chocolate, no coffee nor tea, no fat… for a month to begin with. After two days there seems to be an improvement. She ran 7 km this morning at a slow pace, without having to walk. After a day without sports, I had a very sore back this morning. But the back pain quickly faded, replaced by a «good» pain in both knees. Fortunately, I had chosen to keep it short. Maybe I’ll try again later today.

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