It’s nine and a half. I’m away for a-3km-climb (2M), for 250m 850ft of difference in height. A tarred road. There is a shortcut on a path but too steep for me – well… too steep for me now because 15 years ago… Not many cars, a few heifers in the meadows, nobody – people are at home because it’s raining. I took my walking poles to relieve my knees during the climb. I do not climb very fast but a certain impression of ease nevertheless. Probably the rain. I like the rain, I admit it. Finally the end of the paved road – my goal – is fast approaching, with its curtain of trees in front of me. A path continues up the mountain. Will I go there again, one day? It is raining very heavily now. I turn around to start the descent, a pole in each hand, touching the road with my heels tgo save my knees – nevermind my back!

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