Three years ago, the Mistress of Frimousse decided to buy a bike. She wanted flat handlebars and certainly not a «man» frame. It is with this bike that she has cycled so far, that she’s climbed Galibier, Isoard, etc.

Steph’s mother has bought an electric bike and offered her classic bike to the Mistress of Frimousse, for a very good price. It is a very good bike. Problem: it has a «man» frame and road handlebars. The Mistress of Frimousse has tried it several times on a country road near our village – with me in the car – but the experience was not convincing. (Husbands are rarely good advisors…) On Sunday Fabien proposed her to try the bike on the bike path with him. After a couple of hours… “Great! I’m buying it!”

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