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This invention makes it possible to contact someone in case of difficulties when out in the wild. It also allows through applications like Glympse to be followed by people of our choice. It also allows you to take photos, like the one I took yesterday morning while jogging near Laudon – a torrent that flows into the Lake. Today, Sunday, it has rained all day and as I have a pretty sharp pain in my back I’ve decided to stay home. The Mistress of Frimousse has waited impatiently all day and just before five she and her usual running partner decided to meettfor a short run in fog and drizzle – a little run that will end when it is dark for sure!

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    1. Joke Post author

      No snow here yet and no real cold -1°C this morning. Just a gentle cold wind. Not a lot of sunshine these days and as at this time of the year the sun rises about 12, because of the trees, and sets at about 4, because of the mountain, very little sunshine left!
      -12° that’s quite cold! It must have been several years since we had that temperature at our altitude (800m 2600ft). I used to enjoy running in the snow but now that I am old and that my right knee is ruined I wouldn’t try on an icy ground. I ran just 5.5km this morning. Well..; better than nothing, ain’t it? The Mistress of Frimousse, as I call my wife on the blog, ran 12km (7.5M) at lunchtime with her physio, who has become her usual running partner now. I hope we’ll have snow for Christmas buT I am rather pessimistic as the forecast is temperatures above seasonal values… Anyway we are planning a week in Val d’Aosta in February, I’ll be walking/jogging whereas Frimousse’s Mistress with be skiing with my younger grandson aged 15.
      This is the webcam of that place:

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