This morning…

A little more than 1200 km since the first of January… But how many miles have I had to drive to jog – I hate that expression. For several weeks I have been going systematically to the Lake, because it is flat. I leave the car in the centre of Saint-Jorioz and I jog towards the Lake. In doing so, I meet a lot of young people going to school, most of them with their helmets on their bikes.

I also meet a young mother who takes her young daughter to school, to kindergarten I think. And they give me a beautiful smile every day. Every day, except on Saturdays and Sundays and on Thursdays mornings – I don’t tell you why not on Thursday mornings, it has no interest for you, visitors to the blog. This morning, as I saw the little girl and her mom approaching, I had the idea to say, “These are my morning smiles!” Obviously the mom didn’t understand what I said. She uttered a sentence ending with something like “rouski” and as I am fluent in Russian (!) I understood that she was Russian. I was about to ask the little girl to translate for her mom when she said straight away: «We didn’t see you yesterday!» You see, when we run, we are not alone, we are noticed! I said «See you on Monday!». I’m gonna have to run the same route at the same time!

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